Sunday, 23 November 2008

Last Word

I'm pleased to say that BBC Radio 4 decided to feature a Douglas Keen's life on the programme 'Last Word' this week.

I got a phone call on Wednesday asking if I'd be interviewed for the programme - apparently to give a bit of Ladybird 'context'. The programme featured some archive materials of Douglas Keen himself speaking, and an interview with his daughters and I found their contribution a fascinating insight into those years of Ladybird's greatest success.

I was late to my appointment at Broadcasting House having missed the train and then turning up at the wrong building. By the time I got the right building I was about 20 minutes late, out of breath and a little flustered. This helps to explain why I sound like Mary Poppins on speed. But here's the link to the programme on iPlayer. The Douglas Keen bit is the first feature.


Kate Long said...

Did you enjoy yourself? Were you happy with how it went? I'm really pleased the BBC picked this up, and chose you to talk about Keen.

Helen said...

Thanks Kate.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the time - although I found it more painful than usual listening back to myself.