Saturday, 24 August 2013

Spot the Ladybird - your help needed

I'm often asked to help someone identify a dearly remembered book from the odd line or description of a picture.  Often I can do it - but this one may be a bit modern for me.  Can anyone help?

Ladybird Books have often played around with the idea of kids being able to spot something small hidden on each page, but what could this be?

I'm thirty years old and have recently had my first child. My mum and I are 
trying to track down a book from when I was very young but we can't remember the 
title. We just know that on each page there was a hidden ladybird to find. We we 
wondering if you might know which book this is. 

Hope someone can help

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Timeshift - BBC4

Rather belatedly, here's news of some of the Ladybird Land business I mentioned in my last post. Episode 1.

The BBC4 Series Timeshift is going to do a whole long documentary on Ladybird Books!

They've been getting in touch with a whole load of Ladybird folk over the past couple of months and when my time came I spent a very nice time indulging in all things Ladybird.  The focus is going to be chronological, I think - 1940 to ... 2000?  Tied together with the story of Douglas Keen.

The director was impressively on top of her brief - I would even suggest she might have been bitten by the bug, so enthusiastic was she about most aspects of the Ladybird story.  She was even able to tell me information I didn't know about Ladybird - not bad after only a few weeks to research!

I've had a few experiences before of journalists and programme makers before.  This team, though, win my nomination for "nicest people to share an afternoon with".  I hope the programme they make is as engaging and interesting as Merryn, Claire and Adam.

When I hear more about when the programme will be shown, I'll share it here.