Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Ladybird Book featured pretty prominently on Doctor Who this week. Not a 'proper' Ladybird Book, you might say. Not a Ladybird classic. The Romans, 1994 - not the wonderful L. du Garde Peach/Kenney classic from 1959.

But then it's unlikely that Amy Pond, now aged 19, would have the 1959 version by her bedside. Even in Doctor Who.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

This year's car boot season

So far the car boot season has been a bit disappointing. We've had pretty good weather - but weekend mornings have been a bit wet. Or maybe I'm getting old and the attraction of the early morning car boot field in quest of rare Ladybird finds is not quite as strong as the counter-attraction of a weekend lie-in.

Last year I had a one-off car-boot stall at the St Albans Rugby club (ah! so that's where the picture fits in). The SA Rugby Club appealed because it isn't too big, is on a Saturday not a Sunday and starts at a much later hour than most - 9.30 a.m ish. I sold lots and lots of surplus-to-requirement Ladybird Books, mainly for 50p each, some for £1.00 and some modern ones for 20p. My husband didn't think I would cover the cost of the £8.00 sellers fee, but actually things went pretty well.

So I'm thinking of doing the same this year. If you live in the vicinity of St Albans, come along and say hello. Don't expect any Wonks or High Tides for 50p but if you live locally and there's something you'd like me to bring, email me in advance. When? Well it will depend on the weather, of course but I'm thinking of next week (Saturday 26th June).

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Monday, 7 June 2010

A Pop--Up Ladybird Book!

Ok, this is very silly. But experimenting with an new online tool, I might as well share the product.

The story of how I became a collector of Ladybird Books:

You'll find it here.