Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Can anyone help?

Someone has contacted me, trying to find a book. The only lines they recall are:

"Porridge piping hot with cream on,

How they loved it, weren't they glad"

This person believed that these lines came from Piggly Plays Truant - but bought the book and found that they weren't. I normally have a very good hit rate at identifying missing books from the odd line or description of a picture. But these words don't ring a bell. Although they do sound as though they could have come from a Perring 401 Bunnikins sort of book, I've had a quick look through most of the 401 series, without success.

If anyone can identify the book, please let me know - by email or leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Was it from the Magic Porridge Pot?

Helen said...

Nice guess, but I don't think so; I think the mystery lines were part of a rhyme - and Porridge Pot was prose.

Helen said...

Got it!
My thanks to Claire who emailed me to identify the lines as coming from "Lost at the Fair". The trouble is, I've now forgotten who it was who asked me the original question!