Thursday, 20 March 2008

Ladybird prints

I see that Ladybird have now started to sell prints of their artwork archive:

Ladybird prints

There are hours of fun to be had here, browsing through some wonderful prints. I think I would have spent quite a lot of money here once upon a time, before I developed an expensive taste for the original artwork.

One thing strikes me as strange, though. I notice that the artists aren't credited on the site. The author of a given book is credited even though the text is not reproduced, but not the artist!   Hardly seems fair.

Also, I wonder what they mean when they state that the artwork comes from the 'Ladybird Archive'. I assumed at first that this must be a physical collection of artwork which Ladybird (Penguin) hold - as I know they do. But the fact is that there are prints on this site, the original artwork for which resides in my living-room, so that can't be right.

Anyway, have fun browsing.


Jo said...

Hi Helen,

I'm so glad to hear you have discovered the Ladybird Prints site - I find it horribly easy to while away an hour browsing through all the images! So addictive.

The archive the prints company refer to is the digital archive which we have built up over the years. The authors cited are really for user reference, but illustrators should be added too. I will see if this can be arranged to feed into the site.

Best wishes,
Online Marketing Editor, Ladybird

DavidB said...

Hi, I bought several of these prints as Christmas Presents - the ones from the "What to look for in Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter" particularly. I was about to buy some more - but now cannot find the site and calls to Ladybird's new owners Penguin Random House were not much help. Any ideas? Thanks