Saturday, 3 March 2018

My first proper Ladybird exhibition

Do you remember at school, on Monday morning - especially after a holiday - when they got you to write 'your news'?

Well, I'm very pleased to share with you my news here.

This summer I'm going to be putting on my first ever Ladybird exhibition.  It will be called: Ladybird Books: the artists' story 1940-75

Although focusing on the artists who made Ladybird what it was, the exhibition will mainly consist of books, artwork and artifacts from my own very big collection.  I have been longing for a chance to share some of my "wonderful things", other than on my website, on Twitter etc so I'm very excited about it.

I'm brimming with ideas, but I'd like the exhibition to  tell the story of the 'golden age' Ladybird artists whose work I find so fascinating.  I hope it will be colourful, informative and interesting - no matter how mild your interest in the books.  And, of course, a nostalgia-fest.  And will be free entry.

For those of you who have long been calling for a decent LB exhibition actually north of Watford, I'm afraid this is not it.  It will take place in Canterbury over the summer months (June to September)

But I'm working on it ...

More information coming soon


Steve said...

Dear Helen, Thank you for sharing the good news about the exhibition and for sharing the wonderful Ladybird books and the work of their great artists. If I get the chance to return to the UK in the summer, I would love to be able to come along and see the exhibition. Best regards, Steve

Helen said...

Thank you, Steve. I really hope you can :)

Stephen said...

Helen - congratulations. I really hope I might find my way to The Beaney - this looks fantastic.

Helen said...

Thank you Stephen. I'll do my level best to make sure that the exhibition is as good as it can be; The Beaney was a revelation to me - such a lovely gallery.

Anonymous said...

That’s brilliant! Congratulations...would love to visit but it’s such a long way from home! One day, perhaps...Judi