Friday, 6 March 2015

The last page?

Such a lovely day here today!

We're at the start of March and I believe Spring officially starts on 20th but perhaps to hurry it along a little I've made this video.  I was inspired by another one I saw which took a lot of Tunnicliffe pictures long with a few others and turned them into a video.  For someone with a lousy attention span like me, that one was beautiful but a bit slow.  This one is perhaps a bit fast, but I haven't worked out how to make fine adjustments yet.

Anyway, if you're a fan of the wonderful Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe, I hope you enjoy it:


Gill said...

That was lovely, thank you! I look forwards to the spring edition :)

I wonder if you could repost last Marches' post on mothers as it doesn't seem to open ( for me at least) and I am sure it was excellent. I am new to your blog and am really enjoying browsing through. I have to admit to being a ladybird addict myself, and the best find I have made was a whole carrier bagful at a flea market for just two pounds the lot! When I got home and tipped them out there were some real treasures in there.

Helen said...

Oh that wonderful feeling of a great 'find' at a flea market or car booter!

I think you're probably thinking of this: But it uses 'Flash' so can't be opened on iPhone/iPad. If that's a problem let me know and I'll download it.

Jane Godden said...

I and my sisters were models for books 2 and 3 of the "Words for Numbers" series published 1966 and illustrated by Kenneth Inns. He photographed us and painted from the photos.

Helen said...

Were you really? I love the artwork in that series! I'd also love to hear more about this - could you possibly email me, Jane?
My email address is here:"

Mike W said...

A wonderful effort, Helen. I wish (rather like in a fantasy tale by C S Lewis or Lewis Carroll, I could just walk into one of Tunnicliffe's pictures. I wonder how the WTLF books were produced. Was Tunnicliffe given a list of locations & flora & fauna that had to be incorporated? Or did Grant Watson respond to what was drawn? Or did they work very closely and perhaps follow directions from a book editor?

Helen said...

What good questions, Mike? Now you've asked, I'd love to know. You'd think there would have to have been a pretty close collaboration with those particular books. If I can find anything out, I'll let you know!