Sunday, 25 January 2015

Frock Wars. And the winner is ...

In these degenerate times, a matter of great debate for many of us is not Global Warming, the Middle East, or Britain's relationship with the EU but which of Cinderella's 3 ball-dressses is the prettiest.

Although it always struck me that the 'blue-satin' camp were most vociferous, it was only consistent with Ladybird equity that the matter should be investigated more impartially.  I therefore put up the link to my 'Vote' page on Twitter.

A surprising number of people voted, and sure enough, Blue Satin appears to have won the day.  The dark-horse of the contest was Rapunzel's medieval little number, which garnered many more votes than my own pick (pink silk).

Now let it never be said that I'm a poor loser.  I concede that the Blue Satin camp have won the day.  But let me also mention that the poll is still open ...  Who knows if, with time, people will come to the rosy-tinged, silk-textured light ...

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