Friday, 12 September 2014

Peter and Jane, Jon Bentley and 'The Lost Episodes'

Last summer, when the programme makers of BBC4's 'The Ladybird Book Story' came to film, I showed the director Jon Bentley's 'Peter and Jane' inspired art: 'The Lost Episodes'.  She liked them as much as I do and took the artist's details, with a view to including an interview with him in the documentary.

I heard later that they team had spent an afternoon filming Jon.

But when the (wonderful) documentary came out - of Jon Bentley there was nothing.
Another 'lost episode'? 
But I found out what happened in this video.

Bear with the start of it; it will get to the 'Ladybird' point after a minute or two:

The fascinating Jon Bentley introduces 'The Lost Episodes' - pieces which I like very much indeed; I would love to see the originals one day.

If you'd like to see online versions, you'll find them here.


Tim C said...

Me too. Let us all know if you ever find they are on display, or even better, published.

Helen said...

Will do!