Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cinderella rides again - facsimile editions

In the comments of my TV blog post , a number of people, perhaps not surprisingly, called for favourite old Ladybird Books to be re-issued.

I didn't like to say so, but actually, over recent years, Ladybird have tried re-issuing titles from the past.  The first of these I remember was in 2000 when 4 titles were issued in facsimile editions: Bunnikins Picnic Party, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Bunny's First Birthday and The Gingerbread Boy.  More recently there have been gifty box sets "for boys" and "for girls", making the most of the popularity of vintage flavoured presents for grown ups. 

But now Ladybird have gone for the big one.  They've re-issued Cinderella as a 2013 facsimile edition of the massively popular 1964 version (606d).

This is good news for me.  I have lots of copies of the original, but hate being asked to sell any!

Now when I'm asked, I can just send this link.

Is a facsimile edition of a much loved book ever quite the same?  Is the artwork more faded in a later version?  Do you want a copy which shows its age and history - without the crisp hard corners of a brand new spine?
Only you can say.


The Arran Alexander Collection said...

The problem with this book is that they have not accurately copied the colours of the original. It is terrible and one would have thought in this day and age it would have been a very simple task.

Helen said...

Is that so? Very interesting. I've seen various bits of Ladybird merchandising using this book and thought the colours looked a bit odd and a bit plastic - but thought, like you, that with the wonders of digital technology that must have been a choice.