Thursday, 31 January 2013

Batty Ladybird Woman

A rather cringe-worthy Daily Mirror feature today

And they've made the 3 years older than I am!  The indignity!

My brother isn't too pleased about being accused of vandalism by the Daily Mirror (Ok, by his sister).

Look out in the Sunday Mirror for another Ladybird feature - I think they're hoping to interview Martin Aitchison, who always has good Ladybird stories to tell.


Monkeesfan1 said...

Dear Helen,

I saw your article in the Daily Mirror, and think that it, and your web site is fascinating

Helen said...

Thank you!

Tim said...


Just caught up with the Mirror article and am bit worried whether there's Freudian slip by Ros Wynne-Jones. Headline 'Bookworm...',then she refers to the 6,000 books in your loft. Are they being eaten away?

I very much enjoyed reading the article. You do well as a LB publicist which benefits aficionados like me and charity bookshops.

In that respect, lots of LBs have just been donated to the Cirencester Oxfam shop, including a 1966 reprint of 'Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks'.