Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Quiz 2012

... Doesn't really exist. But it seems a shame to break a tradition of 10 years, so here's a random a ladybird question.

What Ladybird Book ends with the words:

'She died a few days later'

A cheerful quote for the festive season.

I have had to leave Ladybird land for a few months for personal reasons hence so few updates recently but will be back in a few months.

Happy Christmas to all


Anonymous said...

Helen, I had no idea blog comments could be subverted by ads for websites, how discouraging. So here is a proper one.

Your blog and site has given great pleasure to many for some time now, and you are surely entitled to a break. Very best of luck,

Helen said...

Thank you Lynn. The quantity of spam posts is a real eye-opener for me. Most get picked up, but some get through. Depressing