Monday, 22 March 2010

Reading with Roger

I have just come across the following wonderful poem here - and it seems so appropriate for this blog.

From "from The State of Poetry by Roger McGough"

Children’s Writer

John in the garden

Playing goodies and baddies

Janet in the bedroom

Playing mummies and daddies

Mummy in the kitchen

Washing and wiping

Daddy in the study



Philip said...

Thanks for linking to me :)

Its quite a shocking poem, in a way.

It's like, at first, what it's saying is all right and normal, but then just points out the perversity of it.

Cheers, Philip

VertRouge said...

found you because I was looking for "what to look for in spring". as a child I had loads of Ladybird books and I think a fair number are still at my mother's house. I had forgotton just how many there were.