Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lucy Mangan's Guardian Article

In this weekend's Guardian, Lucy Mangan writes a short piece that reveals the soul of a Ladybird Book lover.

If you missed the article, you'll find it here:

I know, I know - it sounds like a case of typical Ladybird stereotyping, but the description of the books she remembers fondly, as opposed to those remembered by 'Tory Boy' fit the usual pattern. In my experience, the men who visit my website are looking for the History, Achievement, Science or Nature books. The women are looking for the fiction they fondly remember, preferably involving pretty princesses and nice ball gowns. I know, I know! But that's how it seems to BE.

Perhaps the time has come to put 'stereotype' to the test. I know from my stats counter that a lot of people read this blog; but the Ladybird Book lover is a timid creature who prefers to lurk in the background rather than leave comments. But this is your chance to vote on this frankly crucial issue. Rest assured that your response is anonymous.

If you are male, vote here:

If you are female, vote here:

Unless you are male or female, I'm afraid I have no poll for you; this is Ladybird land, afterall.


Lucille said...

Hello, I took part in the poll but wanted to say that it was a close run thing between, Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries and the What to Look For series. I have them all still, including the one on Computers which I'm sure someone said was rare...

Helen said...

Hi Lucille. Well assuming you're a female Lucille, you don't fit the stereotypes!

Feel free to vote several times if it's too tough to pick one. I set the poll up so that repeat voting is possible, on the understanding that Ladybird Bird book lovers would be the last to abuse such an arrangement!

I'm afraid 'How it Works: The Cimputer' isn't a rare book - although there were a few copies once issued with plain covers. These are ultra-rare. (I've never heard of anyone owning one).

Lynn said...

Blow the stereotyped Mangans. My childhood Ladybirds,those bought for me and those bought by me, were all Nature series. Apart from First Book of Saints, arguably a biological subspecies also.

Helen said...


Well so far the voting isn't very conclusive. 'Nature' is getting lots of female votes, but not as many as the WLTs. Personally I wasn't much of a nature fan, but loved the History books.

Anyway - when a few more votes come in I'll shatter some earth and share them here.